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The APDA Family

Your child is in great hands every time they visit APDA!

Doctors and Assistants

Your child will always see a doctor during their appointment. We believe it is the doctor's responsibility to see your child's treatment—whether preventative or restorative—through to completion. The doctor's assistant may start preventative care such as dental cleanings, but the doctor will always complete the care. Likewise, only a doctor—not an assistant—will place and finish fillings and crowns. While visiting, we realize there’s much more to your child than just their teeth and we delight in talking and catching up with them each visit.

Registered Dental Hygienists

Your child's cleanings and x-rays will typically be conducted by one of our Registered Dental Hygienists. Our nationally and state registered and licensed Dental Hygienists are college educated, tested, and prepared to provide the highest quality preventative oral care for your child.Your child deserves a welcoming and comfortable environment that will promote a positive attitude toward dentistry. We believe in building a relationship with your child and using a method where we show your child the instruments we are going to use, explain to them what we will be doing, and then conduct the exam or procedure.

Front Office Team

Whether you're scheduling an appointment, have questions about billing, or need help with insurance issues, APDA's front office teams are there for you. Our team members at our offices together bring many, many year’s experience, so you know your questions will be answered quickly and accurately.