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Patient Testimonials

We love feedback from our patients and their families. Over the years our patients and parents have filled out e-mail surveys and have given us great feedback. These surveys help us continue to strive for ensuring the best possible experience for our patients at every visit. Each survey is completely anonymous. Here's what some of our “anonymous” patient/families have said about APDA...

We recently had a bad experience with another dentist. Family suggested we try your office. I was thrilled you had opened an office in Decatur. We have had nothing but a good experience! There is not a chance of us going anywhere else now that we have found you! Thank you for making my children feel safe and for the positive experience. My children now can't wait till their next dentist appointment!"

 It's so nice to be able to walk into a dentist appointment and walk out 30 minutes later. APDA is extremely efficient and I am glad we made the switch to APDA from our other dentist. I do not have any regrets. Thanks!"

 This would be the only dentist office I would ever take my children to..One for braces and one just the people they really care about you and your teeth. Have and always will highly recommend this office to all my friends and family."

 My children want to go to the dentist even after having fillings and teeth pulled! That says a lot. Thanks!"

 APDA is a God-send....our special needs daughter is not an easy patient, and the folks at APDA make it look effortless and make us feel at home EVERY time."

 My kids are always begging to go to the dentist; to hear them talk you would think it was Disneyland. And I love that all three of my children can be seen at once, and I can be with all of them throughout their appointment. Thank you for such a great experience every time!"

 This was our first visit and I was so impressed with everything. My son has Asperger’s and everyone worked with him and were kind and patient. I'm glad we found APDA."

 I have always been very pleased with APDA. I went here as a child and so far 3 of my children have gone here and 2 of them are new patients. I'm very happy your office accepts All Kids Insurance."

 My 16 month old had her first dental appt last week, the customer service was great and I was told to call if there were any emergencies. I left the appt thinking, 'What are the chances of that happening?' Lo and behold, we went to the water park, she fell, hit her mouth and blood was everywhere. As a new mother, I called APDA and received a return phone call within minutes! While they've heard the story a thousand times, you wouldn't have known it- even if it was just a bitten tongue! Thank you."

 Maggie (age 3) tells me "I love to go to the dentist!" & is a big flossing enthusiast now....all thanks to you!"

 I was going to take my son to my dentist (closer to home) but he always has such a good experience that he wants to continue to use your office. So we'll be back for more in 6 months. Thank you for being very professional and treating my son as he was your only patient for the day. It can be very busy in dental/medical offices but yours is truly above and beyond."

 I love coming to this dentist. They are always gentle with my daughter, who has cerebral palsy. I'm going to start bringing my son to this dentist. I would recommend everyone bring their children to APDA. They're the best!! What I love the most is the fact that I never sit in the lobby for more than 10 after appointment time. Every dentist and doctors office should take notes when it comes to appointment times. I shouldn't have to wait an hour after an appointment time to be seen. Thank you APDA"

 I love you all! We have been with this office since 1999. We would not go anywhere else. My 19 year old college student still comes here. My 16 had the best care when she had her braces for 2 years. Everyone is awesome!"

 I have a special needs child, and it's SO NICE to not worry how she'll be treated or if anyone will "freak out" by how she acts. Even when she has abnormal dental needs, APDA doesn't flinch. She's like a normal kid at your practice, and for this Mom, that's priceless."

 Who would've thought you could make going to the dentist fun for kids?! We also had a very nice time at the patient appreciation carnival, it was a hit! Thank you!"

 This recent visit was my daughter's second visit. The very first visit, she was really scared, nervous, and it was very difficult for her to get her teeth clean. On this visit, she was was really comfortable and very cooperative with the hygienist. She didn't cry or react in a negative way at all. I was really proud and shocked at how comfortable she was. The hygienist made her and myself feel at ease. I really love this office and the people that work there. I can't complain about a thing!!!"

 After years of great service, I am proud to say your office is wonderful and still the best for my family. Thank you. Dentist office is always hard to go to. The sounds, the smells, a little discomfort.....this group of doctors and professionals are amazing. Again....thank you!"

 Can't say enough nice things to say about our experience. My daughter had Adperger's and the staff was prepared in so many thoughtful ways- a room that offered privacy, the hygienist was knowledgeable about kids with special needs & treated Rachel like an individual. I loved that our next appointment was scheduled during treatment. No trying to keep up with my child while trying to take care of business. The dentist understood the priority of my child's needs and really listened to me."